Our Photo Album

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Our Daughter Grace

Born on December 20, 2001
At 6:54 am
She was 3 pounds 5 ounces & 17 inches long

Grace's Room
Under Water with Dolphin's Theme
Grace's Room
Otter Mural
Grace is buried under the branches of this tree
Precious Baby Grace
Just Born
Mom and Dad
marveling at her perfection and beauty
The 3 Of Us
Mom with her Baby Grace
Daddy and his Little Girl

When Grace Was Alive

I was 6 months & thrilled to finally be feeling better
Grace's Auntie Tara
Steve & I out for dinner
Food was tasting so good

Candy and Steve
Our engagement to the wedding day

The night we got engaged
Once we knew..we knew & it was a short engagement
Husband and Wife
true soul mates
The first dance on our wedding night

Latest Pictures
with our pets

Mr. Mocha and Sir Java our 2 adorable English Springer pups
Bitty and Confetti
They got married when we did.
Introductions were pretty funny
3 adorable boys
Candy with the puppies

Grace's First Birthday in Heaven

The card we wrote and made for our daughter Grace's 1st Birthday.
Our niece Amanda
At the hotel leaving to release our baby's balloons
Deep in thought, soaking in the sensations of the ocean
Honoring Grace, petal by petal
She was as a rose, so beautiful, so delicate
Dad was showing his love for his precious daughter
Telling Grace how he loved her so
Her name will be written across our hearts forever
Soar! Up, up and away!
I watched until I could see them no more
Preparing to release the dolphin balloon
The day after Grace's birthday

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