In creating this website it is our mission to provide support, along with helpful resources, for bereaved parents and to make available educational information that will help to bring about awareness of and prevention of stillbirth.

This site has an abundance of material to help bereaved parents in the grieving process. We provide many valuable resources:
*Personal online support
*Medical information to answer questions related to the cause and future prevention of stillbirth
*Information on ways to take action in your state to promote stillbirth awareness
*Descriptive lists of national and international support groups

We want parents to be well informed so they can take preventative measures and a proactive role in their pregnancy. One stillborn baby is one too many and many there are...over 26,000 babies are stillborn each year in the U.S alone. Our hearts ache each time we meet the parents of a stillborn child. Please help us educate others and save lives.

We hope Grace's web site will offer comfort, hope and encouragement for those who have been afflicted by the pain of losing a baby at any stage of development. We are only a short way into our journey of grieving and we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be.

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